This is the official book of the radare project.

This is a collaborative and community-driven project, if you want to improve the status of the documentation check out the contributing chapter and submit pullrequests to the repository

The minimum version of radare2 required to follow this book is r2-5.8.x, but it is recommended to always use the last release or build it from git.

Book Editions

This book was written with Halibut in 2009 by pancake focusing on radare. The initial implementation of the tooling, unfortunately the code evolved faster than the documentation did, and the book became obsolete, for historical reasons this version can be found in this webpage:

During 2014, Maijin reorganized and updated the contents, other contributors over the Internet also helped to get new stuff in and after some reviews the book was now readily available for the first time in PDF, ePUB and Hardcover printed versions.

Unfornately, the documentation part of the project got stuck again; and 10 years later, in 2024, pancake worked back updating and polish its contents. Looking towards the 3rd edition that may be ready by the end of the same year.