User Interfaces

Radare2 has seen many different user interfaces being developed over the years.

Maintaining a GUI is far from the scope of developing the core machinery of a reverse engineering toolkit; It is preferred to have a separate project and community, allowing both projects to collaborate and improve alongside each other. This allows individual developers to focus entirely on implementing a CLI or GUI feature instead of trying to juggle both graphical implementation and the low-level logic of the core CLI.

In the past, there have been at least 5 different native user interfaces (ragui, r2gui, gradare, r2net, bokken) but none of them got enough maintenance power to take off and they all died.


The current main radare2 GUI is Iaito. It is written in C++ using Qt and was originally authored by Hugo Teso.

Iaito screenshot


In addition, r2 includes an embedded webserver with a basic HTML/JS interface. Add -c=H to your command-line flags to automatically start the webserver and open it in your browser.

$ r2 -c=H /bin/ls