Starting in 2016 we organized the first public and international congress about radare.

Highlighting all aspects of radare2, this congress brings the oportunity to everyone to learn more about manual and automated reverse engineering, static and dynamic analysis, fuzzing, forensics, exploiting, unpacking, malware, ... this congress allows everyone to understand how to use r2 and how to extend it for your own purposes, it will also serve as an excuse for all developers to meet and discuss design and implementation tips for the future of the project.

The congress was started as a 2 days filled with trainings and presentations.

  • https://rada.re/con

Other rules and aspects that make r2con a special conference:

  • Chill ambient with beers and sunny weather
  • All presentations are recorded and published (some trainings too)
  • Located in Barcelona, organized the 2nd week of September
  • Small event, started with 50 attendeeds, reached it's top with 300
  • r2wars and crackme competitions
  • Vegan meals
  • Chiptune party