1. Create a file in radare2/libr/util/d/yourfile.sdb.txt. The extension .sdb.txt is important.
  2. Edit the file radare2/libr/util/charset.c. -add extern SdbGperf gperf_latin_1_ISO_8859_1_western_european;. -then add your variable &gperf_latin_1_ISO_8859_1_western_european, in static const SdbGperf *gperfs[]
  3. Update the Makefile: radare2/libr/util/Makefile: -Add OBJS+=d/latin_1_ISO_8859_1_western_european.o
  4. Update the Makefile radare2/libr/util/d/Makefile to add your file name with not .sdb and not .txt in FILES=latin_1_ISO_8859_1_western_european
  5. Update the unit tests of radare2/test/db/cmd/charset

Congratulation! You can now type the command:

e cfg.charset=latin_1_ISO_8859_1_western_european;

If you have any issue with this tutorial you can check out the example at